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Bring the magic of the movies

To Your Child's Birthday Party!

B&B Theaters is proud to avoid birthday party options and we want to host a special event for your child! Available options vary from location to location, party rooms, hats, and buttons!

Birthday parties at B&B Theatres are fun and memorable. Fill out the information below to find out what options are available at a B&B Theatres location near you, and get ready to bring the magic of Hollywood to your special day! We understand that it is logistically challenging to book parties ahead of time due to the nature of the film booking process. Our film buyers work with studios on a weekly basis to determine which films will play on which screen at which locations and at what times. This process is finalized each Monday and undertaken independently of our department. We are often anxiously awaiting showtimes just the same as our moviegoing patrons. Due to these challenges, we do not have reservations for actual movie showtimes. Those tickets would need to be purchased through or in theatre independently. Towns with party rooms would be booked in 1 hr and 15 minute blocks independent of showtime. Towns without party rooms will receive the below voucher for a 10% off Kids Packs if 10 or more are purchased.

All parties are booked through email rather than phone call. This ensures that nothing is subject to change or misrepresentation based on recollection.


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